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A trip to Dilijan - often called Swiss Armenia, awaits you. Visit the beautiful monastery complexes of Goshavank and Haghartsin, immersed in the greenery of mountain forests. During this excursion you will also visit one of the largest alpine freshwater lakes in the world – Lake Sevan.

1-st day

What will we see

Lake Sevan and the Monastery on the Peninsula

Enjoy the picturesque sight of the lake from the top of the hill of the peninsula. We shall visit one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the world.

We shall see the picturesque miracle of the nature "the Armenian pearl", one of the oldest freshwater high altitude lakes in the world. Enjoy the beautiful view of the lake from the peninsula hill, where the medieval monastery Sevanavank is located. 


Armenian Switzerland 
Stop in Dilijan. Photostop at the monument of heroes of the film G. Danelia - Mimino.


Мonastery in the forest

Let us go to one of the most mysterious places in Armenia - a wonderful monastery complex of the 11th-13th centuries - Haghartsin. This is the pearl of the canyon, immersed in the greenery of mountain forests.


The monastery where you can find one of the most beautiful cross stones (khachkar).

We shall visit a monastery of the 12nd century, one of the greatest cultural, literal and religious centers of the medieval Armenia. You will see the most beautiful cross stone (khachkar) - the work of the talented master of stone carving - master Poghos.

Dinner at Lake Sevan

Sevan whitefish barbeque and a special barbeque from crabs

You will have the opportunity to dine on the shore of lake Sevan and try the barbeque of the famous Sevan whitefish and special barbeque from crabs.

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