We can talk endlessly about the richness and diversity of the traditional Armenian cuisine that has a history of over 2 thousand years.

It is noteworthy that Armenia is one of the rarest countries where you can still find ecologically pure products, the tastiest vegetables, fruits that absorb the energy of the southern sun and water from the purest mountain springs. Here you can get acquainted with the recipes of culinary masterpieces and taste Armenian wine and cognac. This is the reason why in the recent years gastronomic and culinary tours have become so popular. 
As part of our gastronomic tours, you will visit the best restaurants in Yerevan, taste the traditional dishes of the Armenian cuisine: khash, barbecue (khorovats), tolma, khashlama, harisa, local fish, spas (matsun soup), also taste the famous Armenian cognac and different sorts of wine.

Morever, there are culinary and wine festivals organized in Armenia annually that attract foreign tourists. You will have a chance of dining with the villagers, take part in different master-classes of making local dishes and in the baking of the Armenian bread- lavash, which is included in the list of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.