In recent years, rural tours or, as they are commonly called, agro tours have become popular in Armenia and attract foreign tourists. In our stressful age of speed and rapid development in science and technology, people especially need at least a short rest in the country, where they can lead a measured life with the preserved lifestyle and traditions of the locals.
In this respect, Armenia is an ideal country for agro tourism development. The mild climate and wonderful nature make Armenian villages especially picturesque and attracting for tourists.

Thanks to our agro tours, tourists have a unique opportunity to take a break from the noise of the city, get acquainted with the culture, lifestyle, traditions and customs of the country, taste famous Armenian dishes and wine, take part in different festivals, master-classes and other events. 

In the scope of ecotourism, you can make excursions in Yerevan, as well as visit fascinating natural sights, sanctuaries, caves, waterfalls, etc.