Tours in Armenia for the holidays are another opportunity to get acquainted with the culture, lifestyle and traditions of our ancient country, to take part in numerous festivals, ceremonies and holiday celebrations.

Moreover, in Armenia it is customary to celebrate both local traditional holidays and international ones. Guests from many different countries, including from Russia and Georgia participate in them.

Armenians are very fond of celebrating New Year and Holy Christmas. Festivities, fireworks, exhibitions and New Year fairs are organized throughout the country and it is simply impossible to participate in them and leave without a souvenir. In winter, Armenians celebrate St. Sarkis Day that is very similar to St. Valentine's Day.

In spring, not only March 8, but the whole month is presented to females.

Armenians celebrate Easter with greatest responsibility, preparing for the religious holiday long before it begins.

From summer holidays Vardavar is especially worth mentioning. It is one of the nosiest and merriest Armenian holidays. During this day everyone regardless of age, sex and position water each other. People believe that water has healing power that day.    

In autumn, people celebrate the Independence Day, Yerevan Day, and various harvest, wine festivals, and other celebrations take place in Armenia.

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