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The national currency of the country is the Armenian dram (AMD). Shopping in foreign currency is prohibited. You can easily exchange your currency at any bank (that work mainly until 16: 00-17: 00) or at an exchange office, which are located in almost all large supermarkets (many exchange offices work seven days a week).

The currency rates can be viewed on the CBA official website ( and (

Safety in Armenia

According to the results of various international investigations, Armenia is one of the safest countries. Tourists can walk around Yerevan and travel across the country without fear at any time of the day or night.

Communication, Internet

There are 3 mobile operators in the country: Beeline, VivaCell-MTS, U-Com (;; SIM cards of mobile operators can be purchased directly at the airport or at almost every store and newsstand in the country. It is quite simple to recharge the cash balance; you can buy a special card or transfer money to your account through the terminals at any store.

The international dialing code of Armenia is +374.

Emergency telephone numbers

911 – emergency service
102 - Police:
103 - Medical Assistance:
101 - Fire Service:
187 - Airport Zvartnots:
186 - Weather

Diplomatic missions in Armenia -
+374 (10) 56-74-27 – The Embassy of Russia in Armenia

Diplomatic missions in Armenia
+374 (10) 56-74-27 – Embassy of Russia in Armenia


The population of Armenia is about 3.5 million. More than 97% of the population is Armenian – ethnic Armenians.  The most significant minorities are Kurds, Greeks, Assyrians, and Russians. 


The state language in Armenia is Armenian, it is spoken by 97.7% of the population. The Russian language in Armenia does not have an official status, but it is widespread, it is spoken by more than 80% of the country's population. Russian is a compulsory subject for study in Armenian schools.
The modern alphabet of Armenians was invented by the scientist, monk, enlightener Mesrop Mashtots in the 5th century (405-406 years). In 2005 was celebrated the 1600th anniversary of the Armenian alphabet - one of the oldest in the world.


Armenia is the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301. More than 98% of the population practices Christianity, most of them are adherents of the Armenian Apostolic Church.
In the territory of Armenia and Artsakh, there are 6 Russian Orthodox churches.