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2 Day Tour in Armenia

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Unforfottable Week in Armenia

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  • duration 6 day /5 night
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Wine Tour To Armenia

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  • date Any Date
  • breakfast Breakfast
  • duration 8 day / 7 night
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Welcome to Armenia – the country of contrasts, unexpected discoveries and unbelievable adventures!

Only in this country, hidden in the ranges of long mountains, one can see so many cultural and historical sightseeings (about 4 thousand) which will help you penetrate into centuries and become a witness of the brightest historical events. 
The natural sights of Armenia are not inferior in beauty and splendor and leave a lasting impression on the guests making them come back to Armenia over and over again.
Last year the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, became 2800 years old; it is 29 years older than Rome. Our tours are made taking into consideration the interests and wishes of the guests. Purchasing our tour package, you will spend an unforgettable vacation at the best price, taking part in all possible tours, trips, tastings and festivals of 2020. 
Первая христианская страна

Армения – первая страна, принявшая христианство в качестве государственной религии

Biblical mountain Ararat

It is one of the symbols of Armenia, although it is located in Turkey. For every Armenian in any corner of the world, Ararat is more than a mountain.


Is one of the symbols of Armenia and has a unique place in the national culture. Apricot is a kind of a visiting card of the country.

Armenian Cognac

The only one in the world that has received the privilege from the French to be called cognac, not brandy.

Armenian pita bread Lavash

Real Armenian pita bread is prepared only in a special underground oven - tandoor. Pita bread can be stored for up to a year and not deteriorate.


Temples and Monasteries

Armenia is the first Christian country in the world, a huge number of holy places have remained on its territory: ancient temples, monasteries and churches, to which thousands of tourists from all over the world make pilgrimages every year.

Castles and fortresses

Historically, Armenia was always at the crossroads of trade routes and was constantly subjected to raids by foreign invaders and nomads. A striking evidence of this is a huge number of all kinds of ancient castles and fortresses in the country.


Armenia is a country with rich cultural heritage and ancient history. It is famous for its historic sightseeings, unique museums, which are innumerable in the country.


Natural landscaping of Armenia amaze with its picturesque beauty. Our small and ancient country with unique natural and climatic conditions is attractive for tourists at any time of the year.


Every year an increasing number of all kinds of festivals and celebrations held in Armenia dedicated to Armenian customs and traditions are held. Our event tours are mainly designed to participate in such events, which will help you better know Armenia.

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Dahni Bagdasarov

Used Oval Tour while on a family trip to Armenia. Our tour guide was Vagan and he is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and very accommodating. We asked to visit particular sites and Vagan designed a 3-day itinerary for us. He came to pick us up in his van directly from the hotel each day and was always punctual. He even drove us to the airport once our trip was over. Very affordable rates! I highly recommend this company.

2018 год. 2-х дневный тур

Natalia Grytsunyk

Наше знакомство с Арменией было ярким и запоминающимся благодаря ребятам из Oval Tour! Нас встретили в аэропорту, прекрасно распланировали программу 2-х дневного тура, мы увидели многие достопримечательности и красоты Армении, путешествовали мы на комфортном автомобиле с профессионалом своего дела, душевным гидом Andranik Baghdasaryan! Спасибо вам за гостеприимство и радушие! Благодаря вам об Армении у нас остались только приятные впечатления!!!

2019 год. знакомство с Арменией

Михаил Зиновьев

Всем желающим провести незабываемый отдых в Армении настоятельно рекомендую обратить внимание на эту компанию! Замечательный гид, индивидуально подобранный маршрут, удивительной красоты древние храмы, кухня такая, что пальчики оближешь, традиционные напитки;) В общем море солнца и удовольствия!

2017 год. тур с семей


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